Helping burnt out, overwhelmed, high achieving women feel AT EASE & ALIVE again without sacrificing their health OR their wealth.

I’m Susan Ferraro the former burnt out, pissed off Design Director of the US brand Kate Spade New York turned Mindset Coach, Speaker & overall Master of the Universe.

After years of DELIBERATELY creating a lot of success as a designer in the fashion industry & (over)achieving everything I ever wanted – at the expense of my time, energy & health – I realized I didn’t want any of it.

In late 2012 I left the industry & entered the online biz world seeking freedom & ease only to find myself repeating the same. damn. EXHAUSTING & unsustainable patterns of pushing ’til I couldn’t anymore followed by long periods of recovery coupled with guilt for not being able to DO enough. A way of working & living that I now refer to as THE RED ZONE. 

After a shit ton of ​unnecessary ​blood, sweat & tears I finally let go of my horrifying work habits including perfectionism, procrastination – as well as the ​unnecessary ​blood, sweat & tears – & have found a way to feel at EASE & ALIVE again without sacrificing my health or wealth.

Through my content & 2 transformational programs – EASE-Y MONEY™ & EASY PEASY LOA™ – I now teach other burnt out, overworked, overwhelmed, high achieving women how to do the same.

For interviews or to hire me to speak – email support@ease-ydoesit.com.


EASE-Y MONEY™ is a 10 week transformational program for burnt out, high achieving female artists, leaders & creative entrepreneurs who long to feel AT EASE & ALIVE again without sacrificing their health OR their wealth.

You’ll learn how to climb out of overwhelm, into clarity, get your energy back & find BALANCE as you move forward to create success in a sustainable way that FEEDS your soul, your bod & your bank account – instead of draining them. *REGISTRATION OPENS SOON.*

EASY PEASY LOA™ is a robust 6 week, DIY, digital program for artists, coaches, leaders & other creative entrepreneurs where you’ll learn how to make sure the Law of Attraction ALWAYS works for you so you can FINALLY begin creating a life of freedom, fun & fulfillment served up with a big-ass side of ABUNDANCE.

It’ll give you CLARITY on what you (truly) want, the tools to ALLOW it & it’ll show you EXACTLY how to course correct if your desire is not showing up for you.


My Mindset & Law of Attraction work has been featured 9X on #1 NYT Best Selling Author Gabrielle Bernstein’s – Blogs We Dig. 


On THE EASE-Y DOES IT. podcast you’ll find a mix of Qs FOR SUZE episodes, inspired live streams, as well as anything else I feel compelled to share to help you ditch your burn out & RED ZONE patterns of pushing, perfection, procrastination, pleasing & proving for work & a LIFE that doesn’t feel like work.

Topics include : all the selves – self-awareness, self-acceptance, self-care & self-expression. Money, creativity, sexuality, ENERGY & your POWER.


Tired of feeling stuck, overworked, overwhelmed & TIRED???

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Susan’s work is incredible!

She’s been a featured expert inside my membership and her Money & The Law of Attraction training is the most popular we have.

Everyone LOVES her because what she teaches is so valuable & her personality is infectious! She makes you feel so good about everything.

CARRIE GREEN – Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association & Author of She Means Business.

Susan is freaking AMAZING! She rocked the house at my Be True, Brand You live event.

I was getting emails from my students about her presentation for months after the event. 

I would happily book her to speak to my students and clients again. She gives so much value! 

KIMRA LUNA – Founder of Freedom Hackers & The Be True Brand You Program. 

Everyone at my mediumship retreat loved Susan’s talk on manifestation & money.

She has a way of breaking big concepts down into such a clear & concise way that makes it so easy to understand and her energy is so real & fun. I would highly recommend her.

LINDSAY MARINO – International Psychic Medium & Creator of Unlock Your Inner Medium 

I can’t recommend Susan’s work highly enough. She helps you get right to the “root” of your stuff (which pretty much makes any other personal development uneccessary / bonus).

NIKKI ELLEDGE BROWN – Founder Naptime Empires® 

Susan Ferraro is a literal personal development genius. 

She has an uncanny fast-track way of making you drill down to what ails you and helps guide you to arrive at your own developmental conclusions – which in a world where err’body is about the bandaids and the quick fixes – her approach is incredibly refreshing – and sustainably, long-lasting in terms of shift results.

SARAH ANCALMO-ASHMAN Founder & Creative Director Public Persona Studio