Have you ever tried affirmations with no luck, or worse, attracted the opposite of what you wanted?

Many do & it gives one of the most powerful and easy to use mindset tools a bad wrap!

Just so we're all on the same page, an affirmation is: "the assertion that something exists or is true" or a "statement that is declared to be true".

Key word - TRUE. (you can't lie to the U)

Your entire perceived reality is a reflection of what you believe is true.

Affirming new intentional beliefs helps make them TRUE for your Sub C mind & once that happens, what you want to experience will show up.

Here’s a basic guideline so you can design your own with confidence knowing that they won't backfire on you!


Make sure the U knows what you're really requesting.

If you need or want $10,000, but you're just asking for "money" that can mean ANYTHING to the U whose been around for a long time.

We used to use farm animals & grain as money back in the day and I'm pretty sure you'd be disappointed if a sack of barley or a couple of goats showed up instead of your cash.


WTF Susan!??

Yes, clarity is important and specific works, but it can also pigeonhole you.

When you get too focused on something happening in a certain way, you cut off all other possibilities. There can be a possibility that's better than anything you've yet to imagine.

Get clear on your intention behind the affirmation.

Do you need that 10K for anything specific, like you want to take a trip and it costs 10K? Or are you gunning for 10K in your savings because it makes you feel safe and secure to have a cushion?

When you're clear on the intent, you can ask in a more general way and that will open up more possibility for you.


“I’m SO excited for my luxe 5 star Hawaiian vacay!"

“There is evidence all around me that I’m safe & secure no matter what."

These are good solid affirmations
Yes 10K could certainly do the trick, but there are a GAZILLION ways that those things can be provided for you.

If you're sipping mai tais on your luxe Hawaiian vacay do you care if you paid 10K???

Maybe you won the trip and were flown in on a private jet and given the royal treatment which 10K would NEVER have covered.

Open yourself to all possibility, hold the pic in your mind of what you want until you FEEL the feeling of having it.

NOT because the feeling is attracting it - because the feeling is your indication that your mind & focus is where it needs to be. Your feeling shows what you are BELIEVING.

Which brings us to -


This is everything. EV-REE-THING.

When you say or think a thought and that thought is not in line with what you really believe, it triggers an emotion (you may or may not notice, but it's there). That emotion is the fastest, easiest way to know if you’re reeling in your desire or repelling it.

Your affirmation MUST trigger an emotion that is aligned with your desire.

Got it?

Here's an example.

Say you want to be a certain weight. Your target weight is 120 lbs. But you weigh 160 lbs.

Looking in the mirror while reciting "I weigh 120 lbs!" over and over again whilst weighing 160 is going to be very confusing to your mind who is saying "uh... I don't think so....."

Your affirmation MUST be believable or it's going to trigger negative emotion.

This is why many people find they feel like shit after saying "positive" affirmations. They are really triggering negative emotion which will have the opposite effect.

So how do you do it then?

You need to speak in terms that your mind is comfortable with and you can tell if it's comfy by, again, how you feel in your body.

You know when you take a stance in a discussion with a specific point of view and it puts the other person in defense mode?

The same thing happens with your mind.

So instead of saying "I weigh 120lbs. damn it", which is really hard for your mind to grasp, start with something like "I am OPEN to weighing 120lbs." then check in with your bod, how does that feel?

Do you feel like your lying? Does it feel heavy or uncomfortable or does it feel freeing, like a sense of relief? Like an "ok, this could happen" type of feeling.

If you are still feeling a little doubtful in any way, go a step further and get more GENERAL.

"I am getting healthier every day" OR

"I am WILLING to get healthier every day."

Or even better -

“I am willing to BE the person who takes great care of their health.”

Words like "open" and "willing" are awesome for this because they help put your mind at ease.

And if you can affirm that you’re capable of the behavior - or as I like to call it BE-HAVE-ior - you’re then empowering yourself to be who you need to be to experience what you want.



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