Have you ever wanted something sooooOO bad, except it was for someone else?

Maybe you watched your loved one drown in a sea of debt after they lost their job. Or maybe they have health issues you wish you could help them heal. Maybe your best friend is in an awful relationship and you want to find her a new man who treats her the way YOU feel she should be treated.

Today I’m answering a question that comes up a lot:

Is it possible to use the law of attraction to manifest something for someone else?

The answer is yes. And no.

It’s not 100% cut and dry so I’ll explain with some examples.

If you and the other person both want the same thing, are both aware of the LoA and are actively working together on the same outcome by intending, visualizing or however you choose to align yourself with the vibration of whatever it is you want, then yes.

Two or more bodies intending the same outcome & vibrating at the same frequency are more powerful than one for sure!

BUT, if the person you’re trying to manifest for is NOT aligned (even if they say they want it) it won’t manifest or I should say it won’t be received.

Here’s what I mean.

Say you know and care about someone who is going through a rough time financially.

They’re going deeper and deeper into the hole and you do your best to try to keep them positive, but they hang on to the vibration of ‘les mis/poor me’ most of the time, which creates more opportunities for them to feel miserable.

You can’t bare to see them in so much pain so you decide that you will manifest money or ways to make money for them. And you can, but it doesn’t mean they’ll receive it or allow it into their reality.

If you’re vibing at the right frequency money & money opportunities will show up all over the place in YOUR perceived reality.

You could win some and want to give it to them, but they won’t accept a handout. You can come across the perfect job description, but they’ll find a gazillion reasons why it won’t work for them. Or they do go to an interview and subconsciously sabotage it by being late or awkward.

If they’re not aligned themselves they will push the opportunities away. They won’t “allow” it into their reality.

I know the feeling of wanting to fix everything and make the problems of our loved ones go away so they can be happy, healthy and all of those other things we humans say that we want, but if they can’t or won’t receive what you’re bringing in, it’ll be draining and disheartening for you.

I have a new motto and I say it to myself whenever I feel that disheartening frustration kicking in, “It’s not my job”.

It’s not our job to fix anyone else’s problems other than our own. We are only responsible for ourselves. They need to learn in their own time, in their own way. The only job you have is to love them anyway.

It’s the only thing you have control over.

The best thing to do is to shower them with love, compassion and appreciation as much as you can. Instead of manifesting for them, focus on helping them get their vibes up more consistently so they can manifest for themselves.

The energy of our thoughts, intention and emotions are extremely POWERFUL.

Way more powerful than we give them credit for and showering someone with gratitude and love will most certainly affect them in a positive way (even if you do it in your mind or from a far).

When they’re ready to receive or allow whatever they need into their lives, they’ll manifest it on their own or they’ll ask for your help. In the meantime all you can do is be there for them in a positive & supportive way.

Easier said than done… I know, but remember this whole “life” thing is a practice.

Ok, your turn. Share in the comments below.



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